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A Brief Introduction to Flare Finance

Welcome to Flare Finance

We’d like to start off by thanking all the participants of our initial giveaway contest. Although cryptocurrency giveaways have a very negative stigma (for good reason), on a base level rewarding potential users in our direct target market to share the project with other potential users makes the most sense of all. We will continue to use cryptocurrency to incentivize network expansion with publicly verifiable giveaways to utilize direct to consumer spending to create a net positive impact for both parties.

We would also like to reaffirm the fact that Flare Finance is NOT an official part of the Flare Network and is not in any way affiliated with Ripple, XRPLabs, or any affiliated party associated with XRP or Ripple in any way shape or form. We have not in any way received any funding or grants from incubators, accelerators, angels, venture firms, banks, other competing blockchain networks, or any other form of investing entity. We are an independent team of globally based developers building to bring an innovative change to the XRP and Flare Ecosystems. We will remain anonymous through this pursuit, but at any point in time, a team member is free to reveal themselves.

We appreciate your understanding, and we will ensure decentralization, security, and proper public auditing are a key piece to each and every product released.

What is Flare Finance?

Flare Finance is a DeFi Protocol that will be deployed on the Flare Network bringing utility to the XRP and FLR holders immediately after it launches. The Flare Network is the world’s first Turing Complete FBA Network with an immense amount of potential. It is an honor to work on the Coston Test Network in the very early stages. In order to make testing easier for developers interested in building on the Coston Test Network, we are releasing a block explorer on Monday for use by the community, and have also built a RestAPI for any interested developers. (Feel free to contact us for access)

Decentralized Finance, or “DeFi” for short, is one of cryptocurrency’s explosive applications. DeFi protocols enable individuals to interact with financial services like exchanges, lending and borrowing, stable coins, derivatives, margin trading and more without giving up control of their private keys in a permissionless and open way thanks to smart contracts.

Flare Finance is launching 6 decentralized finance products that will serve as an all in one trust free solution to traditional banking and investing:

Spot and Margin Trading Platform with Swaps

Yield Farming and Governance Platform

Stable Dollar Distribution Platform

Collateralized Loans Platform

Decentralized Risk-Based Mutual Fund

Yield Mining and Liquidity Generation Pool

In Closing…

Flare Finance seeks to provide XRP/Spark users with the fastest and cheapest DeFi experience thanks to the superior architecture of Flare Network and the XRP Ledger. Our user experience will be based on providing the simplest means possible to unlocking and utilizing the value carried in your FLR and XRP. Holders of XRP or FLR will soon be able to easily earn interest on their holdings in a decentralized, trust free fashion without the need for any financial advisors, banking institutions or third-party intermediaries.

We’ve released a short introduction to the ecosystem that will give you a brief explanation of our products, ecosystem, and tokenomics. It can be viewed or downloaded at https://paper.flr.finance/.

Our short paper release will be followed by our financial paper further detailing the economics of the decentralized ecosystem. Upon release of our platform, a documents section will be included to further detail the technicals of how the platform operates and how you can get to know the code behind the screen.

Thank you for reading!

Flare Finance Team

Important Links

For all of our most important links, please visit our Flow Page at https://www.flow.page/flr.finance




Formerly FLR Finance. Decentralized Finance Platform on the Flare Network.