3 min readSep 16, 2022

Curation is the process of assembling, managing and presenting a collection. Where art is concerned, the endeavour of creating a gallery involves research into artworks, collaborating with artists, organising and exhibiting their artwork within your Gallery.

An Art Gallery is similar to that of a flower garden. You want to create a pleasant environment for aromatic roses and opulent magnolias to blossom. Curation specifically allows you to design your own garden and select which flowers you would like to grow within it and also to filter out any weeds.

For the Curator, the content and presentation of their Gallery is of utmost importance. Marketplaces can be overgrown with weeds and fake plants, so quality over quantity should be an essential element of focus when curating artwork for your Gallery.

Although art is subjective, it is important to remember that curation isn’t just a matter of taste. Curators need to establish a good rapport with artists and be knowledgeable about the art that they are presenting in their gallery. Artists and Curators share a mutual relationship in that they can both add value to one another. A successful artist can add value to a Gallery and an up and coming Artist can gain value from having their work included in a successful Gallery.

Curation also adds important value for the collector. When FLR Drops introduced the first public minting contracts to Songbird, it lead to an explosive proliferation of NFTs of all styles and qualities. Although sorting and filtering options can be useful for navigating a marketplace, curation transfers the burden of finding and organizing high quality art from the collector to the Curator.

FLRDrops will feature Curation in the form of Galleries and will include its own Governance structure — which we have named Agora — over the Curators themselves. Here, Curators can propose to add new notable Curators and also remove underwhelming Curators. So while the Curators work to manage their Galleries to select the highest quality art for presentation to the community, Agora works to ensure that FLR Drops maintains the highest standard of Curator as well. Delorian holders have the right to become the initial Gallery Curators, although this is totally optional. We will cover these features in more depth in the near future.

Gallery Curators will be able to customise the appearance of their Gallery via a dashboard. The dashboard will contain specific tools to alter the look and feel of your Gallery to suit the artwork you have on display, or hope to attract. Artists can submit their artwork to the Curators of the Galleries in the hope of being featured.

As we continue building out the ecosystem, we will continue to provide the community with as many tools as possible, to personalise their experience and influence the growth of the ecosystem.


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