Enosys Bridge Guide

3 min readMar 30, 2023


In this guide, we will be utilising XDC’s testnet Apothem to bridge TXDC (TestXDC) to the Coston testnet via the Enosys Bridge. MetaMask supports both of these test networks, so we will be using it for this guide.

If you have not done so already, you’ll need to custom add the Coston and Apothem networks in MetaMask settings. A previous guide on that process can be found here: https://flrfinance.medium.com/flrdrops-primer-7c26ca1fa96d, but make sure to use the network and token details below:

Coston Network Settings

Name: Coston Network

Chain ID: 16

Asset Code: CFLR

RPC Endpoint: https://coston.flr.finance/ext/bc/C/rpc

Block Explorer: https://coston-explorer.flare.network/

CFLR is the native token of the Coston Network and can be obtained from the CFLR Faucet found here: https://faucet.towolabs.com/

Wrapped CFLR (WCFLR) Token Address: 0x767b25A658E8FC8ab6eBbd52043495dB61b4ea91

WXDC Token Address: 0x2460Ebd7b0a4B019ebCE6bcF5a2F213BCdF10f48

Apothem Network Settings

Name: XDC Apothem

Chain ID: 51

Asset Code: TXDC

RPC Endpoint: https://rpc.apothem.network

Block Explorer: https://explorer.apothem.network/

*TXDC is the native token of the Apothem Network and can be obtained from the Faucet found here: https://faucet.apothem.network/

*When obtaining TXDC from the Apothem Faucet, you need to remove the ‘0x’ prefix from the address and replace with ‘xdc’ for example: xdcF46820AD08BAf4c1Dd174882CbaaEaeA794E8ddb

Once you have setup MetaMask with both networks and have requested tokens from the faucet, visit: https://testnet.bridge.enosys.global/

Enosys Bridge

  1. On the Bridge page, connect your wallet, making sure MetaMask has the Apothem network and the account containing TXDC selected.
  2. *TXDC needs to be wrapped into WTXDC to be utilised in the bridging protocol. This can be done via the Bridge interface prior to bridging. Type in the amount of TXDC you would like to wrap/bridge.
  3. You have the option to set an alternative address that will receive the bridged token. This is useful if you would prefer to receive the tokens to your preferred wallet such as Bifrost or D’Cent.
  4. Once happy with the amount to be wrapped/bridged and the receiving address, select Wrap.
  5. After selecting Wrap, you will need to Approve the wrapped token.

6. You can set a limit on the amount that the contract can request. Select Next to continue.

7. You are now ready to bridge TXDC on Apothem to WXDC on to Coston. Select Bridge to proceed.

8. Finally, confirm the transaction to complete the bridge.

You can now confirm the bridge was successful by visiting your account on the Coston Explorer.

To bridge WXDC back to Apothem from Coston, simply select the Coston network in the From field and Apothem in the To field and repeat the process.




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