FLRDrops Primer

How to connect to the Coston testnet

4 min readAug 1, 2022

FLR Finance’s development cycle can be summarised in 3 steps: Development on Coston testnet, Staging on the Songbird Network and Production on the Flare Network. The Coston testnet is a testbed for developers that want to develop and test the functionality of their applications without risking any real value.

The FLR Drops NFT Module is finishing final testing and is soon to be released for the community to begin testing some of the initial features on the Coston testnet. Below, we provide some instructions for connecting to the Coston Network.

Bifrost and D’Cent Wallets

Bifrost Wallet and D’Cent Wallet both have native support for the Coston testnet which makes it a simple process to activate. The process for both is quite similar.

1. Access the Settings menu

2. Select Advanced (Bifrost only)


Bifrost Settings Page

3. Toggle on Developer Mode and select Enable.

(On D’cent, toggle on Enable TestNet)


Bifrost Advanced Settings

And that’s it! With Developer mode enabled, you will now only be able to access the supported test networks within Bifrost.


Developer Mode Enabled

If you go back to your wallet, you will notice your main network tokens are no longer visible and this is due to activating Developer Mode. To reactivate your main networks, simply toggle off Developer Mode. (In D’Cent, they are still visible).

Now we need tokens to perform transactions and make purchases. CFLR is the native token of the Coston testnet and WCFLR is Wrapped CFLR.

4. With Developer mode enabled, press the middle button on the dock and select Receive. (On D’Cent, select the + button)


5. Select CFLR and copy your address.


Select token to receive.

6. Using any browser, visit: https://faucet.towolabs.com/ and paste your address.

7. Select Request CFLR


Coston Faucet

CFLR will now be sent from the faucet to your address. By the time you get back to your wallet, 100 CFLR should be there waiting for you. You are now ready to connect to any dApps that are available on the Coston testnet.


CFLR Received!


MetaMask wallet does not have default support for the Coston testnet, so we need to add the network ourselves.

  1. Access the Settings menu.

MetaMask Settings

2. Select Networks and

3. Add a Network


Add Network

Now we need to add the Coston Network details which can be found here: https://docs.flare.network/dev/reference/coston-testnet/ Be careful when copy & pasting, not to copy any spaces into the RPC URL.

4. Enter Network Details and Save


Enter Network Details

CFLR is the native token of the Coston testnet. WCFLR is Wrapped CFLR and we need to add this as a custom token.

5. Select Import Tokens


Import Tokens

WCFLR token details can be found on the Coston Explorer: https://coston-explorer.flare.network/token/0x1659941d425224408c5679eeef606666c7991a8A/token-transfers

6. Enter Token Details Add Custom Token.

Token contract address: 0x1659941d425224408c5679eeef606666c7991a8A

Token symbol: WCFLR

Token decimal: 18

Select Add Custom Token and confirm Import


Adding WCFLR Token Details

Now that we have added the Coston testnet, we now need to add some gas for performing transactions.

7. Go back to your wallet page and copy your address.


Copy Address

8. Using any browser, visit: https://faucet.towolabs.com/ and paste in your address.

9. Select Request CFLR


Coston Faucet

CFLR will now be sent from the faucet to your address. Go back to your MetaMask wallet where you should now have received 100 CFLR.

You are now ready to connect to and interact with any dApps that are available on the Coston testnet.




Formerly FLR Finance. Decentralized Finance Platform on the Flare Network.