NFT Migration Guide

This guide is only for the current holders of the Samurai and Delorian NFTs on the Ethereum network.

4 min readOct 27, 2022

Before you begin the burn process, make sure that you are connecting with the account that contains the Samurai or Delorian NFT(s). Please make sure you have enough ETH to pay the gas fee for the burn transaction. At the time of writing, gas fees were below $2.

MetaMask was used for this tutorial but other wallets may also be compatible. It is recommended that you perform the burn process through Rarible. Songbird equivalent NFTs will only be sent to addresses which have performed the Migration process.

  1. Visit and select Profile.*pJV5FtniMlcD8wu73njy7Q.png

2. Select ‘View Profile’.*HHCgmLdU7wypAvOXrwgGcw.png

3. Find the NFT you wish to burn and click the NFT’s ‘…’ menu icon.*KfYgvSOhGtIbeRTn7Vr0Cg.png

4. Select the ‘Burn’ option.*-wkXSISgyW5wOQdJs9PCJA.png

5. Enter the amount of NFTs you wish to burn and select ‘Burn tokens’.*hySzSaYXX4kf5WNdyPtSqw.png

6. Confirm Transaction*5ODUj56VybwLML9fP5tzeg.png

7. Once the transaction is confirmed, select Close and Continue.*1hoI7b5KLSLHd4a72o73Dg.png

8. Copy your address.*kPhJw4MMsyLffnIcjN3kAA.png

If for some reason you cannot access Rarible to perform the Burn transaction, then you can send your NFT to the Null address below and use the Txn Hash of that transaction to complete the Migration process.

9. Open and enter your Address.*r_WnOpEyNyOo6s_9bd4Otg.png

10. Select the Burn Txn Hash*R5QsbPx1P4j_z1eFNKVOcw.png

11. Copy Txn Hash*U-VRbEp44KMSSdwe_s3Ypg.png

12. Open the FLR Finance NFT Migration Form:

13. Enter the username registered for your preferred media platform (this is optional, but we will be unable to troubleshoot your submission if this field is left blank)*FwoNW7gCxqOM2_oClhc1ng.png

14. Select which NFT Type you have burned and press Next.*og3yGl95U6L5MvkI3_olNw.png

15. Verify that you are requesting the correct NFT for migration. Selecting the wrong NFT will highlight an anomaly in totals which will likely result in migration delays. If you are not sure which NFT you have burned, check the Burn Txn Hash details on Etherscan and look at the Contract to see if it matches the one on the Migration Form — as seen in 11. Interacted With (To).*BvzKk9v4GcQkRstuSaaCjw.png

16a. Select the amount of NFTs you burned.

16b. Paste the Burn Txn Hash you copied in Step 11.

16c. If you would like to migrate a different type of FF NFT, select yes. If not, then press Next.*JELFHenCgrodGlEfMtLOLg.png

17. If you are confident that you have filled in the form correctly and verified the NFT you are requesting for migration, then press Submit.*eMeNSjN-BP1CXgUVMXWmfg.png

That’s it. You have now burned your NFT and completed the Migration Form. Once all entries have been verified, Songbird equivalent NFTs will be sent to the address which performed the burn transaction.




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