Our Journey at ETHGlobal Waterloo 2023

A Look Back

4 min readJun 29, 2023
Ēnosys team proudly represented the XDC Foundation on ETHGlobal Waterloo 2023

The Excitement Begins

ETHGlobal Waterloo 2023, a 36-hour hackathon, provided the perfect stage for brilliant minds to bring innovative ideas to life. Our team proudly represented the XDC Foundation and engaged with the community of developers, sponsors, and enthusiasts.

We shared our knowledge about the XDC Network, its technologies, and how it could empower developers to build groundbreaking applications. Our CEO, Nik, even led a workshop on “Mastering DApp Development on XDC: WalletConnect, WAGMI Integration, and Enhancing User Experience.”

Mastering DApp Development on XDC: WalletConnect, WAGMI Integration, and Enhancing User Experience

Innovation in Action

Each submission was a testament to the power of perseverance, innovation, and the capabilities of the XDC Network. We saw a wide array of ideas come to life during the event.

  • JPEGated won the token gating prize for their unique ticketing system, exclusively serving specific NFT holders, with access regulated by the Lit protocol.
  • TrustReviews, claiming third place, developed a reliable app for Waterloo students to leave unbiased reviews on nearby rentals. Without any prior blockchain knowledge, this team showcased a powerful blockchain application for transparency and community building.
  • Fund AI Training DAO took home the crowdfunding prize for their DAO that crowdsources and manages the creation of large AI models, even demonstrating its ability to find bugs in Solidity contracts.
  • Tokenbound Titans presented an intriguing implementation of ERC-6551 for NPC gaming, along with dynamic generative NFTs. Although their submission wasn’t fully deployed on XDC, the potential of their idea deserves mention.
  • Luban the Paymaster, the first-place winner, designed a customized paymaster that allows users to hold assets on one EVM chain and sponsor transactions on all others.
  • Friend.fi — Collateral-Free F2F Lending clinched second place with their collateral-free lending protocol, utilizing a friend-to-friend trust network.
The winners of the XDC Foundation bounty.

New Bonds Formed

ETHGlobal Waterloo 2023 was not just about technology but also about people. We welcomed numerous teams to the XDC Network, and the event became a melting pot of ideas, collaboration, and shared learning. We were pleased to see participants leave the event with newfound knowledge and interest in the network.

Reflections and Future Plans

We took away valuable lessons from this experience. As we gear up for future events, we’re excited to add some new twists — eye-catching visuals to create buzz, identification wristbands to make networking effortless, and on-chain raffles to integrate blockchain fun.

We also felt the need for a smoother gateway into the blockchain world for developers, and we are committed to working on that.

Towards a Brighter Future

As we reflect on ETHGlobal Waterloo 2023, we can’t help but feel a sense of accomplishment. Our dedication to spreading knowledge and fostering innovation has gained recognition and established us as a vibrant part of the global blockchain community.

The journey doesn’t stop here. We’re excited to continue fostering an innovative and collaborative blockchain community in upcoming events, including ETHToronto and onXDC.

In conclusion, ETHGlobal Waterloo 2023 has been an unforgettable chapter in our journey. We sincerely thank each of you, our amazing community, for being part of it. Let’s keep the momentum going, continue to learn, innovate, and reach new heights together!

Join us on Discord to keep the conversation going and stay updated on our latest initiatives. We can’t wait to see what we can achieve together!




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