(Re) Introducing Ēnosys

5 min readNov 14, 2023


With our listing on Gate.io and the upcoming multi-chain expansion offering our product suite to a new audience, we wanted to write up a brief introduction to those of you who may be finding us for the first time.

First of all, a warm welcome from the Ēnosys Global team and Community! We are glad you have found your way here and hope you will take the time to learn about what we have built, are building, and will be building in the future.

Below, you will find a brief overview of what Ēnosys is, where we are right now in our development process, and what we are building toward. If you want to learn more about our products, please visit https://enosys.global/ for more detailed information. Welcome to the journey — we’re thrilled to have you with us!

Part One: A Little About Us

Ēnosys is a research and software development center currently building a multichain Super-app for DeFi, interconnected via a central yield aggregator (APYCloud). We pioneer research and development in blockchain technology, offering a suite of innovative products for seamless access to various applications across multiple chains.

We initially deployed on the Songbird Canary Network and are now in the process of our Mainnet launch on the Flare Network. Ēnosys utilizes Web3 capabilities to allow people to engage with our products and services “trustless-ly” without giving up custody of their funds.

Part Two: What Drives Us, And Why It Matters

Our team built Ēnosys to solve some of our biggest frustrations with today’s web3 environment:

  1. First of all, the siloed approach to product building we have seen in Web3 makes us uncomfortable. Most of today’s solutions serve one specific purpose, meaning users need to keep track of multiple communities and assets to get access to all of the services they need. That is an experience that would be unacceptable outside of Web3. By walking into a store or a bank, you can access a wide range of available products or services. In fact, we believe that this is one of the fundamental elements slowing Web3 adoption — which we aim to tackle.
  2. Second of all, as the premise of yield is near ubiquitous in Web3, one of the main challenges we were driven to solve is inflationary yield. In contrast to most Web3 yield propositions, the APYCloud, which connects our entire ecosystem, provides yield to Enosys stakers based on the ecosystem fees and not an inflationary token. This gives a completely different perspective on yield, especially as the Cloud will collect yield from all the chains the ecosystem expands to.

What does this allow us to provide you? Essentially, the user experience aspect of our one-stop-shop in its multichain form is something that our space strongly needs to improve. The Ēnosys Ecosystem allows users to interact with multiple aspects of the blockchain world, from DeFi to NFTs, RWAs, and Infrastructure products, without leaving our “counter”. That aligned with the multichain nature of the ecosystem gives the user unprecedented flexibility.

In addition, the APYCloud will allow for diversification of yield for the holders of the Ēnosys ecosystem tokens using a unique non-inflationary mechanism.

Finally, the heavy research focus of Ēnosys and the attention to detail that our development process gives allows us to build unique products and discover new avenues with products such as Ermis, Clover, and Skopos. Being a research playground and having an ecosystem of products allows us for both vertical and horizontal expansion, which allows for infinite possibilities as we can expand to new chains while experimenting with new products.

Part Three: Our Destination

Our vision for Ēnosys is to be a pioneer in pushing the boundaries of blockchain technology and bringing unity among blockchains. The end state of the Ēnosys Ecosystem is to be an omnichain one-stop shop for consumers and businesses in the crypto and blockchain industries.

We are building a platform where you can trade assets like your ETH for your XDC without considering which network they are on. A seamless and familiar experience for all your blockchain-related, day-to-day interactions is what we are working toward with our product suite. From chain-agnostic trading to NFTs across all networks, you can experience and trade cross-chain Artworks and RWAs with a few clicks. And, with our multichain expansion, this vision is getting closer by the day.

Part Four: Ēnosys Today

Today, we are nowhere near the end of Ēnosys journey — and our team is working diligently to achieve our ambitious vision. Currently, the Ēnosys product Suite is deployed on the Songbird Network and the Flare Network, with some products also deployed on the Ethereum Network.

We also have our Bridge deployed, connecting the XDC and Songbird Networks, and connecting Ethereum to the Songbird and Flare Networks.

Some of our products are also living on networks such as Kava, Ethereum, and XDC.

TVL, or Total Value Locked, is a common DeFi metric used to measure the economic activity and liquidity that is engaged on a Network or in a product. Our recent launch on the Flare Network created significant increases in both Network TVL and trading volume. With the TVL increase reaching almost 20000% with only 4 trading pairs available on our DEX, we see this as a positive indicator of growth to come as we expand the multichain aspect further into our ecosystem.

Part Five: What You Can Expect From Us Next

We believe in a multichain future, and the Ēnosys ecosystem is transitioning towards this. That means the addition of new assets, such as wETH, USDC, QNT, PAXG, and more, will be added from our existing instance on the Flare chain and other chains. Additionally, as the Ēnosys ecosystem expands to other chains, HLN and APS will be bridged to those and utilized accordingly. The chains initially considered are Arbitrum, Base, and Hedera, but we look forward to expanding that list over time.

In the world of NFTs, the last drop of the Velocity Series will close an extraordinary season for the Velocity Pass, which we are extremely proud to be a part of. Some quite exciting partnerships will follow it, and of course, the long-awaited Gateway of Destiny event, which will start a new era of RWAs for Songbird but, of course, also Flare.

As we grow and innovate at Ēnosys, we invite you to join us. Dive into our world of cutting-edge DeFi and blockchain solutions, from seamless trading to unique NFTs. Connect with us and our community on Discord or Telegram to share your thoughts and stay updated. Visit https://enosys.global/ and participate in the exciting future we’re building at Ēnosys. Welcome aboard!




Formerly FLR Finance. Decentralized Finance Platform on the Flare Network.